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Dimmable Quantum Growth Board LED Multi-size Plant Tent Plant 4/5/6' Carbon Filter System Hydroponic Greenhouse Grow Box Kit

Dimmable Quantum Growth Board LED Multi-size Plant Tent Plant 4/5/6' Carbon Filter System Hydroponic Greenhouse Grow Box Kit

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Brand Name: MasterGrow

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: ce

Certification: ROHS

Certification: UL

Is Dimmable: Yes

Model Number: Samsung LM281B LED

Voltage: 85-265V

Length: 30

Dimming method: KNOB DIMMER

Width: 100cm

Features: Grow Tent Room Complete Kit

Material: Aluminum alloy

Body Material: aluminum

Item Type: grow lights

Warranty: 3 years

Power Source: AC

Light source type: 3000K + 5000K + 660NM+IR

Spectrum: 3000K + 5000K + 660NM+IR

LED Qty: 417±5% umol/s

Actual power: 288pcs

Light efficiency: 100±5% W

Input voltage: 2.7 μ mol/J

Single package size: 100-277V AC

Lamp size: 34.7 x 28.7 x 11cm

Weight: 30cmx24cmx6cm

Modular Power Cord: 3.9lbs/1.8kg

Pressure: > 15.2cm Above Canopy

Heat treatment: Passive

Dimming: 1-10V

Lamp bead angle: 120°

Life: 54000hrs

Power efficiency: > 0.80

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

Working temperature: 104°F/40°C max

Waterproof rating: lp65


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Dear Customer:
Starting today, as long as you purchase our growing tent kit, you will immediately get a free gift worth $30. The number of gifts is limited, so please buy as soon as possible, thank you!

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Because our fan only supports 220V voltage, if you are from United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, then you need to buy a voltage converter (because your country's voltage is 110V), you can buy a voltage converter at this link , Usually you only need to buy a 120W black transformer

Product parameter

  • Light source type: Samsung LM281B LED

  • Spectrum: 3000K + 5000K + 660NM+IR

  • PPF value: 417±5% umol/s

  • Actual power: 100±5% W

  • Light efficiency: 2.7 μ mol/J

  • Input voltage: 100-277V AC

  • Single package size: 13.6" long x 11.29" wide x 4.33" high

    34.7cm length x 28.7 cm width x 11 cm height

  • Lamp size: 30cm long*24cm wide*6cm high


  • Weight: 3.9lbs/1.8kg-box 6 sets (14KG/box) 60.9*37.5*37.5CM

    The minimum distance between the lamp and the plant: > 6” (15.2cm) Above Canopy

    Heat treatment: Passive

    Dimming: 1-10V

    Lamp bead angle: 120°

    Life:> 54,000hrs

    Power efficiency:> 0.80

    Working temperature: 104°F/40°C, max

    Waterproof rating: lp65

Promote plant growth in all directions

  • Warm WhiteLight(3000k)boosts planta bloom,making flowers bigger and vivid

  • WhiteLight(5000k)promotes plants germination,increasing the growth rate of plant

  • RedLight(660nm)yields more leaves and crops whencombined with white light

  • AlumiumPlateLed grow light board is adopted built-in aluminum heat-sink,a powerful cooling system

For plant germination, vegetables, flowering, different periods of fruit, the brightness of quantum LED lights, hanging height and light time are recommended



Hang at : 24-30inch

Light time:18hr on /6hr off



Hang at : 24inch

Light time:16hr on /8hr off


Wattage:75% - 100%

Hang at : 18-24inch

Light time:18hr on /6hr off



Hang at : 12-18inch

Light time:12hr on /12hr off

suit Package includes:

-Duct FAN for Green House Grow Tent Hydroponic X 1
-High Efficient Activated Carbod Air Filter X 1
-Exhaust pipe X 1
-Adjustable Heavy DutyPulley Rope Ratchet Hanger X 2
-Hose clamps X 2


-Duct Size:4"/ 5''/6''


-Wind speed (m⊃3;/h): 220-1800

-Input Power:35W/45W/75W

-1.5M EU/US/AU/JP-Plug Power Line


4 inch

5 inch

6 inch

Power (w)








Wind speed (m⊃3;/h)




Rotating speed(r/min)




Opening (mm)









-Caliber Size :4''/5''/6''
-Carbon bed Carbon bed:35mm
-Color Color:Gray black (random delivery)
-Height Heigth:200mm/200mm/300mm
-Efficiency Efficiency :99.99%


4 inch

5 inch

6 inch

Carbon bed





Gray black (random delivery)

Gray black (random delivery)

Gray black (random delivery)









Vented aluminum tube
Tube description:
Length: 3 meters
Diameter: 4''/5''/6''
Quantity: 1* tube 2* clip

Tube material: Aluminum Tube

Connection Tube diameter: 16mm

Inner lining material: 100% Reflective Water-proof Myla


• Professional grade - This premium, freestanding, built-to-last tent is perfect for use by all levels of growers; amateurs and pro's. Allows the growing environment to be controlled and manipulated as needed; open, close or vent system to adjust temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and light conditions.

• Versatile - Suitable for use with all growing systems; hydroponic, aeroponic and soil-based cultivation. Compatible with all types of lights; Incandescent, LED, Fluorescent (Standard, CFL & T5) and HID (Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium & Dual-arc).

• Premium material - Outer shell is constructed from commercial-grade (600D), puncture-resistant, waterproof, oxford nylon fabric. This material is completely non-toxic, and is also mildew and fire-resistant.

• Superior light blocking - Heavy-duty material is completely opaque; blocks ambient light from entering, and system light from exiting.

• Maximum reflection - Extremely efficient, highly-reflective interior allows plants to utilize all the supplied light without waste. Durable, fade-proof, advanced reflection surface is thermally adhered to the outer shell; will not separate or tear.   Surface is mildew and fire-resistant, non-toxic and washable.

• Premium zippers - Our growing tents use industrial-strength, oversized (#10), coil zippers; coil zippers are designed to curve and go around corners without opening / separating. These premium zippers will last a lifetime without failing, and ensure your tent will remain closed when you want it closed. tabs are used to secure the door in the open position for convenience while working.

• Double floor - Separate floor-pan with 5" tall lip provides a second layer of protection against any accidental system leaks or spills.

• Sturdy - Frame and all corner supports are crafted from powder-coated, high-grade, high-capacity tubular steel; won't crack like plastic tubing/fittings and won't collapse or sag like aluminum. Removable upper rails provide overhead support for lighting, odor control and ventilation systems.

• Tool free assembly - Unit can be completely assembled in minutes. Frame and corner supports connect together without tools; locking in place with spring-loaded, sure-lock pins. Pins can be released to disassemble tent equally as fast.

• Multiple access points - System contains several ducted ports with drawstrings; the drawstrings can be used to tighten the ports to fit a matching size (or smaller) flange or duct, to reduce the size of the port for specific ventilation or equipment needs, or to close off the port completely if unused. There are also multiple rectangular, mesh-covered vent windows, with integral flaps to control light entry/exit. These ducted ports and vent windows can be used in multiple combinations for ventilation, ducting, tubing, wiring, filter systems or other uses.

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