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50W COB LED Grow Light Welding Free AC 220V DOB LED Chip For Spotlight Floodlight Plants Growing Grow Light Tent LED Phytolamp

50W COB LED Grow Light Welding Free AC 220V DOB LED Chip For Spotlight Floodlight Plants Growing Grow Light Tent LED Phytolamp

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Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: yxo-50wdobfsps

Material: Aluminum

LED Chip: cob dob led

Model Number: DOB4075

Features: led grow light full spectrum

Light Source: LED Bulbs

Voltage: 220V

Item Type: Grow Lights,LED Bulb,LED Flood Light

Warranty: 2 Years

Features: Smart IC, Easy to DIY, No need driver

Spectrum: 370-780nm,3500k,3500k+660nm,660nm,395nm

Application: For Indoor Plants Seeding / Flower Growth


1pcs Hydroponice AC 220V 20w 30w 50w cob led grow light chip full spectrum 380nm-840nm for Indoor Plant Seedling Grow and Flower

Light Royal Blue 445NM – 455NM:
Plants that receive plenty of blue light will have strong, healthy stems and leaves.

Full Spectrum 380-780nm:
Full Spectrum of light, for the Vegetation, Pre-flower, Flower, Ripen/Finish. One lamp for all stages of plant growth.

Warm white 3500K:
3500k lights have more warmer tones to the emitted light, that simulates the color the daylight would be in sunset hours, which promotes higher rates of photosynthesis which in return affects plant flowering.

Cold White 6000K:
6500k give out light that resembles the natural light we see during the day, best used on plants that are only starting to grow or already growing, meaning plants that are in their vegetative stages of growth. Also these bulbs are great for seedlings and even plant cloning.


1. Light source: DOB

2. Color: 380-780nm(For Veg)/3500k(For Bloom)/450-455nm
3.CRI: >80
4. Phosphor: 660nm (other supplier use 620nm,so it is cheap)
6. Power:50w
7. Input Voltage: AC 110V/220V-265V
9. Housing Material: Aluminum
10. Dimmable:Yes
11. Source Life: >50,000 hours
12. Lighting angle: 120
13. Warranty: 2 Years
14.why our led chip is better than other chip, because this is new technology DOB,There are 7 fuctions to protect led chip long lifespan.
        A1:MOV for surge protection>4000V passed
        A2:1000V Bridge rectifier
        A3:Constant current and constant power control
        A4:NTC sensor for pcb overheat protection
         A5:Voltage-regulator for ic vdd protectio
         A6:Driver IC, over voltage and over current control
        A7:It can use led dimmer or SCR dimmer to dimming it
The junction temperature is 120 degrees, it is recommended that the maximum operating temperature of the chip is less than 90 degrees.
LED Bracket Holder Without Any LED Chip,It is only Holder, Please Check It Carefully Befor Buy It,
LED Chip must need a heatsink aluminum for cooling, do not light it without heatsink aluminum.
We have Final Lamp if you need it, Please Click this picture
Attention please:
we will send the lamp with strong package, but sometimes it will have some problem,
if it have damaged when shipping,please take steps by following:
1.Send us a message and tell us what is wrong with the lamp.
2.Also attaching photos or possibly send us video of test.
By the two steps, we will solve the probelm to you.
Please do notOpen dispute and do not Give us negative feedback when the lamp was damaged.


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